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WHEELCHAIR OF HOPE presented in the UN assembly

WHEELCHAIRS OF HOPE is an initiative to develop, design, manufacture & provide a wheelchair to children in need of mobility.


The wheelchair is specifically designed for children as we wish to empower education through mobility: Mobility from early childhood is a gate to education. It is the basis for self- confidence and independence. By giving access to education we create a new generation with better skills, confidence and hope.

WHEELCHAIRS OF HOPE together with ALYN hospital Israel’s Pediatric and Adolescence Rehabilitation Center, will provide an integral solution of a good quality wheelchair together with the necessary training capabilities to local teams.

The wheelchair design & developed is a light weight & affordable plastic wheelchair, providing proper fit and postural support, meeting the most common needs of disabled children raging 5-9.

The design focused on:

The wheelchair was presented in the last UN assembly to UNICEF raising vast enthusiasm & interest.

Highlights from the press:

Additional information can be found on the initiatives website.